A Grim And Morbid Fascination

Well, the Browns are 1-7, and they suck in ways that are beyond all imagining.  Only those people who have a certain morbid bent — the kind of people who slow down to carefully scan an accident scene in hopes of catching a glimpse of blood and bone — would watch the Browns play.

Their owner, Randy Lerner, says he is “sick” of losing.  Well, thank goodness he has taken such a strong position!  The reality is that the Browns have been poorly managed since their return to the NFL, having gone through an endless parade of GMs and coaches who have wasted high draft choices and failed to develop talent.  (And the most recent Browns GM reportedly was escorted from the Browns’ practice facility today and has gotten the boot.)  It is time to point out that fish begin to stink from the head down.  Mr. Lerner is part of the problem, and his claim to be sick of losing is meaningless.  What has he done about it?  Mr. Lerner, are you sick of taking one of the storied franchises in NFL history and running it into the ground?  Are you sick of taking a team that was rich in tradition and turning it into a laughing stock?  Are you sick enough of the Browns’ abysmal play to refund part of the season ticket prices paid by the poor sap, loyal, blue collar fans who support the Browns through thick and thin?  I read an article recently that argued that Eric Mangini was the worst head coach hiring decision in the history of the NFL.  I think we could argue that Randy Lerner and the current Browns ownership are the worst owners in NFL history.  Nothing that has happened since the Browns returned to the league suggests even a shred of competence and capability.

In the meantime, a quick look at the Browns’ statistics demonstrates how mind-bogglingly bad they are.  The Browns are 31 out of 32 NFL teams in total offense.  They rank last in total defense.  in the last two games, they have been outscored 61-9.

Thanks to UJ for wisely recommending several weeks ago that I not watch any more Browns games this season.  I took his advice on Sunday and raked leaves instead, raising and bursting two blisters — and it was far preferable to watching the Browns.

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