Youth At The Booth

When I went to vote this morning I was delighted to see a number of younger people manning the voting station. Normally our poll workers are senior citizens, but today there were some decidedly younger participants. It turns out that they are part of a program called Youth at the Booth, a program sponsored by Kids Voting Central Ohio which encourages high school seniors to work at the polls. The “Youth at the Booth” volunteer who showed me to my touch screen machine and gave me my “I voted today” sticker did a fine job, too.

What a great idea! That kind of experience is bound to make young adults more likely to vote themselves, and also to engage in civic activities.

Get Out And Vote!

Election Day has come again. I’ll be stopping at my polling place on my way to work. It is in a church on Route 62, and there I will exercise my franchise with respect to a number of local races and statewide ballot issues.

In encourage everyone to get out and vote. It always makes me feel good – and this year I will feel especially good voting against Issue 3. We don’t need or want casino gambling in Ohio! We don’t need to join Indiana and Michigan and West Virginia in a race to the bottom, and we shouldn’t muck up the Ohio Constitution with what is, in reality, special interest legislation unworthy of being memorialized in our state’s most fundamental governing document.