Extra Credit

The Goldsboro Middle School in Wayne County, North Carolina came up with a straightforward way to raise money — in exchange for a $20 donations, students would be given 20 “points” they could distribute among two tests and increase their grades.  Apparently the fundraising concept was the brainchild of a parents’ advisory council and was approved by the school’s principal.  After the idea was the subject of a report by a local newspaper, however, district officials stepped in and quashed the fundraising effort.

It’s pretty sad that American public schools have reached the point where, to raise revenue, they are seriously considering selling “points” on tests and, in effect, peddling better grades to those parents willing to shell out a few extra bucks.  It is even sadder that the principal of a middle school would not see the obvious ethical and moral problems with that kind of fundraising approach and nix it immediately.

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