Any Win Over Michigan Is A Good Win

The Buckeyes pulled out another win over Michigan today, topping the Wolverines 21-10 at the Big House in Ann Arbor.  It really is an amazing time for Ohio State fans .  Under Coach Jim Tressel, Ohio State now has won 3 straight times in Ann Arbor, 6 in a row overall, and 8 out of 9.  (His only loss is a game that Russell and I attended in Ann Arbor, where we sat in the student section and had a lot of fun.)

I am sure a lot of people were complaining, once again, about Ohio State’s conservative play-calling on offense.  On most plays Michigan put 8 players in the box, and still Ohio State ran — and for the most part ran successfully, racking up more than 200 yards on the ground.  I think Coach Tressel thought that there was no need to light things up offensively, and that a turnover here or there might put Michigan back in the game.  Not coincidentally, Michigan’s only score came after a turnover.

After Ohio State went up by 11 Coach Tressel was content to put the game in the hands of his defense, and they delivered.  The Buckeyes forced 5 turnovers, including four interceptions, and had at least two other hits that jarred the ball loose from Michigan ball carriers.  Michigan couldn’t move the ball on the ground, and their quarterbacks were hit repeatedly.

Offensively, Terrelle Pryor had another smart, solid game, and the duo of Brandon Saine and Boom Herron ran very hard.  The Ohio State offensive line did a good job for the most part, and the Buckeyes’ two offensive scores, on a counter play and a screen pass, were excellent play calls.  (According to Coach Tressel’s post-game press conference, however, the counter play was a mistake — but it sure worked like a charm.)

So, Ohio State once again is the outright Big Ten champion and goes out to the Rose Bowl, to play a team yet to be determined.  Here is hoping that the players enjoy their Thanksgiving, because there is peace and joy in the Buckeye Nation.  A win over Michigan will do that.

Editorializing On The Failed Stimulus

The Detroit News editorializes on the failure of the “stimulus bill” to create jobs and on the credibility gap created by the phony website reports on jobs “created or saved.”  The box to the right of the editorial shows the fake Michigan congressional districts which supposedly saw the creation of jobs as a result of stimulus spending.

I think it is pretty telling when one of the leading newspapers in one of the states that has been most hard-hit by the economic downturn concedes that the “stimulus bill” has been  poorly conceived failure. It is hard to argue with the logic of the editorial:  that the stimulus spending should have been specifically and exclusively used on meaningful public works projects, where the jobs that were created could be counted with more assurance and the result would be something of use to the surrounding community, like a rebuilt bridge or road (except in the case of the John Murtha airport, which no one really uses).  Instead, the stimulus money was frittered away on the pet projects of our congressional representatives and used to give raises to those already employed, the books have been cooked on the jobs “created or saved,” and we will be paying off the increased debt as a result of that spending for decades.

Sarah Palin In Columbus (Cont.)

Here’s the Columbus Dispatch story on Sarah Palin’s book-signing visit to a local Borders bookstore yesterday, complete with video footage and interviews of some of those who waited in line.

Whatever you might say about Palin, like any good politician she knows her audience.  Appearing in Columbus, Ohio on the eve of the Michigan game, she wisely wore scarlet and a buckeye necklace.