Cool Stuff From Cassini

NASA’s Cassini space probe flew by the Saturn moon Enceladus and sent back some pretty cool images.  Enceladus is one of Saturn’s 61 moons — 23 if you count only those that have regular orbits — and is pretty interesting.  It is the sixth largest moon of Saturn, and its fissured, ice-covered surface spews vast plumes of water vapor into space.  The NASA website has some interesting pictures.

Enceladus, for those who don’t have an encyclopedic recollection of Greek mythology, was one of the Giants who was defeated by the Olympian Gods.

Advice From Ben

I went to an OSU – Michigan party at a friend’s house over the weekend and typically what I always try to do is carry on a conversation with someone I don’t know or hardly know. When doing so I tried to recall the item’s on Ben Franklin’s list of things to do and not to do when talking with others shown below.

1 – Listen and show an interest in the person you are talking to.

2 – Avoid overtalking.

3 – Don’t always speak about yourself and your affairs.

4 – Don’t ask too many questions and avoid prying.

5 – Avoid telling long stories.

6 – Try not to contradict or dispute what the other person is saying.

7 – Try not to ridicule or mock the person you are talking with.

8 – Don’t interrupt.

9 – Always be courteous.

10 – Avoid giving advice.

Hmmmm … I wonder if Ben made exceptions when talking with family members ?