Return Of The iMac

Our large home computer — the faithful, yet aging, iMac — went on the fritz about three weeks ago.  It was a devastating development.  All of our photos are on the iMac.  All of my iTunes are on the iMac.  My iPod is synced to the iMac, and therefore I couldn’t load new holiday songs.  Blogging continued, fitfully, through use of an old laptop, but it wasn’t as easy as it would using the wide, responsive iMac keyboard.  It made me realize how much of our lives and conveniences are tied up into one computer unit.

The problem with the iMac was one of those annoying, frustrating computer issues.  The unit would turn on but never engage.  Instead, you would see the Apple logo and a ceaselessly spinning wheel.  After starting and restarting, plugging and unplugging, tinkering with power supplies, and whispering fervent but unanswered prayers to the capricious technology gods, we finally broke down and took the iMac to the nearby Apple store.  They promptly and happily fixed the problem, and now the iMac is back in its rightful place on the desktop, ready to provide crucial services in the Webner household.

Tonight, at least, all is right with the world.

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