A Hot Topic (Cont.)

I’ve posted before — see here and here — on the e-mails and other information collected as a result of the data breach at the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.  The Weekly Standard has now published a thorough and carefully considered analysis of the data obtained, the context and meaning of the e-mail exchanges, and their ramifications for climate science specifically and science generally.

I encourage any layman who is interested in trying to piece together the science of global warming and the impact of the data breach to read the attached article.  It raises serious questions about the truth of the claimed “consensus” of scientists with respect to global warming and the validity of the “scientific findings” that are being used to justify the need for massive and crushingly expensive changes to our energy policies and economic structure.  At minimum, the data breach should cause the Obama Administration to hesitate, and revisit the science in a thoughtful, apolitical way, before rushing headlong into agreements and lifestyle changing decisions that are based solely on what may be nothing more than fearmongering and bullying masquerading as legitimate science.

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