Positive Return on my Investment


Well, since reading the Secret last year I have been spreading the good word about the book and have been keeping a positive attitude. I recently got a return on my investment in the form of an e-mail. I asked the sender if it was okay to share it and post it on our blog in an attempt to get others to read the book. So here it is:

Hi Jim, Happy belated Thanksgiving. We had my mom and a bunch of friends over for the holiday and had a great day. It was 80 degrees so we ate out on our balcony and could see the dolphins swimming by. It was perfect.

I read “The Secret” after you recommended it to me and then we rented the film. Alec and I are trying it out and we both have started our vision boards. The other day I put it out to the Universe that I would be grateful to receive $100 for no reason at all and the very next day I received a check from General Electric who I have not worked for in years.

You also mentioned the “Power of Now” and a few people have recommended another book by the same author called “The New Earth” since it helps a person implement the Secret. I needed help with my anxiety. Every morning I would wake up with this horrible feeling of anxiety for no reason. I would start stressing about the dumbest things or worry that I was in trouble for something.

Since reading the book I no longer feel anxiety. I have been able to reach a level of calm that  I’ve never felt before. Simultaneously I have been starting to get a bunch of new clients at work, so thank you Jim – because of you I have finally been able to really live.

Congratulations on your consulting work. I bet it gives you a chance to put your talents to good use and interact with old associates. When your gig is over, can you come stay with us in California for awhile ? I think you would have a great time !!!

Miss you, Jen.

I have to admit it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that just a simple suggestion can change a persons life. The other day while hosting a Windward I met a gentleman who had just experienced a very bad stroke and was having trouble walking so I offered to assist him.

While walking him to his car we began discussing books we had read and I mentioned “The Secret”. I told him the book suggested that to get one’s day started off right one should do the following, when you roll out of bed in the morning put your first foot on the floor and say “Thank” and when you put your second foot on the floor say “You”. I said I had tried it and it helped me start my day out in a positive way. The next week he came in and said he tried it and it made a difference.

So I will keep spreading the word because it seems to be working !

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