Thank You, Internet

Occasionally I experience insomnia in the wee small hours.  Typically I will awaken in the 2:30-3 a.m. time frame, my mind churning away on some work-related issue.  Usually I know immediately whether a return to sleep is likely.  In those instances, after tossing and turning for a while and assuring myself that I will not, in fact, sink once more into peaceful slumber, I will throw in the towel and come downstairs to start the day.  Today was one of those days.

In these dark, quiet hours the internet is a godsend.  My brain is not yet quite ready for the continued attention and reflective attitude needed to really read a book, and the rich sampling options offered by the internet are perfectly suited to the mood.  Scrutinize some news websites to see whether anything significant has happened overnight, read a political column, check sports scores, get an Ohio State football recruiting update, flip to a blog or two, and before you know it the time has come for the morning walk.

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