Bizarre Classic

Each day I hear this Christmas song on the radio at least once. It has to be one of the most bizarre pairings in musical history ! Bing Crosby was a musical star of our parents generation in his seventies, while David Bowie was a musical star of our generation in his thirties when they recorded this Christmas song in 1977.

I mentioned it to a younger friend of mine that I really liked this song and she said “yeah, it’s cool” so I guess that means it stands the test of time and is a classic. A “pretty thing indeed”.

Hoping For A White Christmas

I’m a traditionalist.  I like a white, snowy Christmas.  If Christmas were today, conditions would be perfect.  The ground is snow-covered, and on this morning’s walk snowflakes drifted down, swirling in the streetlights and giving a feather’s touch to the skin.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is not cooperating.  It is supposed to get gradually warmer over the next few days.  By Christmas Eve we are to get the dreaded freezing rain, followed by rain on Christmas with temperatures in the 40s.  So, we hope instead for a cold snap, and a Christmas wrapped in a white blanket.