Calling For Christmas Cookie Recipes (Fin)

I have baked my last batch of Christmas cookies for 2009.

The last batch

Yesterday I baked some of the excellent Dutch spice cookies, and this morning I got up very early, baked the classic sugar cookies, and iced them up.  These two recipes are perennial favorites, and I wanted to have some cookies to take up to Gramma K. and the Kishman cousins during today’s visit.  Both cookies turned out pretty well.  Fortunately, Russell had his digital camera around, so we were able to take some pictures which I have included with this post.

Another part of the last batch

Patty asked today about the icing on the sugar cookies.  I use a few drops of evaporated milk and mix it with confectioners sugar until it reaches a thick, yet still spreadable, consistency that is sufficiently moist that it runs enough to leave a smooth look.  I then use food coloring to give the icing some pizzazz.  I like decorating the iced cookies with colored sugar, nuts, or dried fruit like cherries or cranberries.  Of course, nothing makes a better red nose for Rudolph than a cinnamon drop.

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