The Nebraska “Compromise” (Cont.)

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson, who peddled his vote for the “health care reform” bill in exchange for provisions that, among other things, require states like Ohio to subsidize Nebraska from increased Medicaid costs in perpetuity, is feeling the heat from constituents and former supporters.  The best sign of the furor is that Nelson — who isn’t up for reelection until 2012 — nevertheless felt compelled to buy a 30-second TV ad defending his vote and then pay to run the ad during Nebraska’s bowl game.  The New York Times has a story on the reaction that includes a link to his TV ad, which I predict isn’t going to do anything to modify criticism of his actions.  I don’t think Nebraskans are going to think that what Nelson has done reflects a “common-sense approach,” as his ad contends; instead, I think they will conclude that his conduct reflects modern politics at its most vulgar and distasteful.

The Nebraska “Compromise” (Cont.)

The Nebraska “Compromise”

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