Belated Happy New Year

Well Happy New Year everyone ! It has been 10 days since I’ve been on the blog and there is lot’s to discuss. For starters I thought it would be a good idea to post the top ten New Year’s resolutions for those of you out there that still make New Year’s resolutions.

1 – Lose Weight – I have to say I don’t need to worry about this one – I’ve always weighed in at approximately 139 lbs since I was in high school.

2 – Manage Debt – No problem with this one – other than my house payment I don’t carry any debt. I have paid cash for my last three cars which on average I’ve driven for 10 years.

3 – Save More Money – I suppose we all can probably do more of this, but how much money is too much money. My rationale on this one is put back enough money to be comfortable, but be sure to spend enough to enjoy life’s ride cause you don’t know when it’s gonna end.

4 – Get a Better Job – I sort of experienced a forced retirement back in April of 2009 after having worked for Nationwide Insurance for 26 years, but I have to say it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I got to enjoy the warm summer weather and worked part-time as a host at my favorite restaurant, Windward Passage. In October 2009 I was asked back to Nationwide Insurance as a consultant through March 31, 2010 making more than I did when I worked there …. ahhhh …… the perfect job working six months out of the year. Doesn’t get any better than that !

5 – Get a Better Education – I have a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing, but I have thought about taking a course or two online …. I’m still thinking about it ! What would I take ? At Windward we have a Mexican contingent that works in the kitchen and I would like to know what it is that they are talking about so I might brush up on my Spanish.

6 – Drink Less Alcohol – As Ben Franklin recommended moderation – I usually limit myself to two drinks except when I am watching the Buckeye games with my friends and when I’m on the Booze Cruise with my family – lets face it, you gotta drink when your around your family, especially the nieces and the nephews.

7 – Quit Smoking – I tried smoking cigarettes a couple of times when I was younger, but didn’t like the taste in my mouth the next morning.

8 – Reduce Stress Overall – To do this I heard something quite a few years ago that works for me and that is to live a simple life. Of course there are things like your health that you can’t control, but if I can’t control it then I don’t worry about it.

9 – Volunteer to Help Others – I definitely need to do more of this when I semi-retire again on March 31. I participated in a program that Nationwide Insurance sponsored in which employees tutored young children at Windsor School in downtown Columbus. What a truly rewarding experience this was !

10 – Take a Trip – I have a friend who does business overseas and I want to get back to Europe again in 2010. Last time we went to Amsterdam we had a blast. So much to do and see. Then we took a high speed rail to Paris, which if your a people watcher like I am is a great city to go to.

So what is my New Year’s Resolution for 2010 – most of my friends want me to get a computer which I still don’t have at home. My excuse is that if I had one at home I would be on it all the time and I don’t want that to happen. I like going to the library to use the computer where they limit your usage time to five hours. You would be surprised how many times I’ve hit the five hour limit.

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