Webner House In Winter

It has been very cold and snowy in the Columbus area over the past few days, and yesterday we were hit with a storm that dumped about six inches of snow in New Albany.  It continues to snow this morning.

A snowy Webner House this morning

The amount of snowfall made this morning’s walk a slippery challenge.  Most of the roads are completely snow-covered, save for patches where masses of road salt are fighting a valiant rear-guard holding action against the snowfall.  The walking paths are completely (and deeply) covered and are barely visible, even in outline.  This morning’s walk saw only a few cars on the roads — which was good, because the road itself was my walking path.  Our house, driveway, walkway, and front steps are all deeply covered with the white stuff, too.

When I got home from my walk I learned that most of the area schools are closed for the day.  Across the Columbus metropolitan area, schoolchildren are happily sleeping in and looking forward to a fun day of bundling up, sledding, snowball fights, snow angels, snowman building, and possibly a steaming cup of hot chocolate at the end of the day’s adventures.  We working stiffs, however, must steel ourselves for the slow and treacherous commute to work.

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