Death Pool, 2010

Tonight we had the draft for the 2010 24 Death Pool.

After the normal pointless arguments about the rules — which are capable of being changed at any moment, and in fact were changed again tonight — we drafted our teams.  I drafted fourth of five, and I did no preparation for the draft.  I have no idea of the plot of this season, reviewed no spoilers or descriptions of the season, used the handout provided us by this year’s Commissionr, and operated only on the assumption that this season’s show will follow the broad conventions established during prior seasons of 24.

Who did I draft, and why?

1.  Ben Prady, described in our handout as “Dept. of Corrections officer looking for a parolee gone missing.”  This was an easy one.  Any non-CTU officer is likely to be wiped out, if only to provide an easy contrast with the studliness of Jack Bauer.  Do we honestly think a Department of Corrections guy is going to play a major role on 24?   In fact, in the 24-verse, when has any law enforcement person other than Jack Bauer displayed even a shred of competence?  Ben Prady is bound to go six feet under in the first episode, perhaps after we learn that he is a good guy with a family.


2.  John Mazoni, NYPD.  See above.   Plus, Mazoni is played by actor John Lombardozzi, who played “Herc” on The Wire.   I thought Herc was one of the best characters on a great TV show, and I just wanted him on my team. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t want him to be rubbed out as quickly as possible.

3.  Mehran, described as “leader of Islamic opposition group.”  A good rule of thumb on 24 is that bad guys get killed at a ratio of about 2 to 1 to good guys.  Assuming Ben Prady and John Mazoni are good guys — which may be a stretch, given the conspiracies and moles always found on 24 — I feel like a needed a bad guy.  Mehran seems like a relatively minor character, and therefore capable of being bumped off in, say, the fourth hour of the “day” after initially establishing himself as a dangerous threat.

4.  Agent Owens, described as “CTU SWAT agent.”  We know that virtually every CTU agent except Jack Bauer, Chloe O’Brien, and Tony Almeida necessarily must get killed.  Agent Owens — that poor sap! — doesn’t even have a first name.  He therefore is obvious cannon fodder who probably will be knocked off the first time some terrorist group breaches CTU security, as must inevitably happen.

So, my initial roster is set.  The first two episodes are Sunday and Monday night.  Here’s hoping the members of my team go toes-up almost immediately.

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