Salt-Crusted Car

Temperatures have warmed the last few days, and it is a perilous time for anyone who drives a black car.  With the snowmelt comes slush, uncovered potholes, and the incessant spray of tiny droplets of dirty water infused with salt and minuscule cinders from the pulverized asphalt pieces broken off from the potholes.

The front of my car, today

The result is a formerly sleek jet-black car that looks like modern-art study of shades of gray that could have been created by the controlled drip technique of Jackson Pollock.  My car is coated with sticky grime, and if you happen to brush against it while wearing a dark coat you end up with a dusty gray streak on your formerly clean overcoat.

This weather also puts a premium on maintaining an ample supply of windshield washer fluid.  If you are on the road and your supply runs out, you end up with an opaque windshield that approximates a bad case of cataracts.

We hope for the day when the snowmelt has ended, the roads dry out, and a good car wash lasts for more than a 15-minute drive.

1 thought on “Salt-Crusted Car


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