It Takes Crust

Gramma Webner hailed from Uhrichsville, Ohio.  When someone said or did something that was really brazen, she would say:  “That takes crust.”  That was my reaction when I read this statement from Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson about yesterday’s election of Scott Brown to the Senate.  The first paragraph of the statement takes the cake:

“Clearly, the vote showed that people are frustrated with Washington…and I am too.  That frustration will likely register across the board for all incumbents. The overriding message from yesterday is that people are upset because Washington is dysfunctional and not working together for them.”

Of course, many Americans — and probably many of the people who voted for Brown — are frustrated with Washington precisely because of people like Nelson, his crass Cornhusker Kickback, and his willingness to sell his vote in exchange for special perks for his home state of Nebraska.  His crude politicking showed that he didn’t want to “work together” — he wanted to get special deals for his constituents at the expense of other Americans.  The notion that Nelson even understands, much less shares, the frustration felt by so many Americans is laughable, and his effort to align himself with the people who voted for Brown shows a real contempt for the intelligence of Americans.  We can only hope that the people of Nebraska, at the first opportunity, relieve Senator Nelson of the job that he claims to find so frustrating and send him back to the Cornhusker State where, perhaps, he can find out once again how real people live, work, and think.

The Latest From Adolf

I admit that I have enjoyed the Adolf Hitler youtube take-offs — all of which feature the same clip from a German language movie of the Nazi kingpin in the Fuhrerbunker with his remaining staff, getting bad news from the generals and then ranting as the Russians closed in.  In each of the take-offs, the subtitles address a different topic, and always with a lot of humor.  The first one I saw, I think, was Hitler ranting about the Dallas Cowboys unexpectedly losing a playoff game.

The latest entry is the Fuhrer fulminating about Scott Brown’s victory over Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts special election for the U.S. Senate seat that opened up after Ted Kennedy’s death.  It is a worthy successor to a long line of Hitler videos.  I am sure it has been posted all over the internet by now, but I just can’t resist.