The Single Digits

After a brief warming spell where we flirted with the 50s, the weather in the Columbus area has turned very cold again.  Today, when I took my morning walk, the temperature was 8 degrees.

Temperature is all relative, but when the thermometer dips to the single digits it feels like a change in kind and not just in degree.  The cold has a more brutal, invasive quality.  It seeps through your jeans and attacks any bit of exposed skin, and even a slight breeze makes it seem like your face is being sliced with razors.  Your nostrils freeze and your cheeks grow numb and your eyes dry out.  When you finally get back home and out of the elements, it takes a while to lose the tingle of cold.

About the only positive thing about the single digits is that they are a great inducement to speed up your walk, generate more internal heat, and return more quickly to the beckoning warmth of home and a steaming cup of coffee.

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