The Big Snow

We’ve been hit by the latest winter “storm of the century,” and it has been an impressive storm indeed.  The snow started mid-morning, and it has been pelting down at a good clip since that time.

The view at about 5 p.m. today from our back door

It is a heavy, wet snow, with huge flakes, the kind that cling to tree limbs, eyeglasses, dog fur, and every other exposed surface.  I would expect that, before this storm is over, we are going to see tree limbs snap and power lines come down from the weight of the snow.  The accumulation has been rapid and significant.  I would estimate that, out in New Albany, we’ve gotten between four and six inches already, and it is still snowing hard.

On the drive home, the roads were passable — good job, Columbus road crews! — but they are rapidly growing worse.  I stopped at the store on the way home to stock up on essentials like wine and cheese, because it is going to be a good weekend to stay at home, looking out the window at the winter weather and being thankful that you are inside, warm, and well-fed.