A Hot Topic (Cont.)

Here’s an article that summarizes some of the latest embarrassing revelations about “global warming” science.  I obviously don’t think the entire notion of man-made global warming has been shown to be a house of cards, but the seemingly unending disclosures about sloppy science, phony claims, conflicts of interest, and other chicanery clearly have undercut the political argument that the United States needs to take immediate, drastic action to stop global warming.  If the disclosures have put “cap and trade” legislation on the back burner, and will allow Congress instead to focus on budget issues and taking action that will allow our economy to create jobs, they will have served a very useful purpose.

A Hot Topic (Cont.)

A Hot Topic (Cont.)

A Hot Topic (Cont.)

A Hot Topic (Cont.)

A Hot Topic (Cont.)

A Hot Topic

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