Way To Go, Russell!

Google is a great device, and I use it to keep track of family and friends.  Today I Googled Russell and found this excellent little article about his forthcoming show.  I can’t tell you how cool I think it is that Russell and his three friends get their own Group Show at the Palmer Gallery at Vassar. I particularly liked this passage from the linked release:

art only belongs to us
when we don’t know the outcome.
in one way or another
it restores ambiguity.

I actually agree with that thought-provoking sentiment.

The show, called “this the range and recent,” starts on February 24, includes a reception on February 25, and ends on March 4.  Unfortunately, Kish and I won’t be there for the opening night or the reception, but we will make it there for the weekend.  We’re very excited about seeing the show.

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