Goodbye To Good Shoes

I am sorry to say that my favorite walking shoes are starting to give out.  They are black Reebok walking shoes, and I think they are the single best pair of shoes I’ve ever owned.

My Reebok walking shoes

I bought the shoes seven years ago, before we left on our family trip to Italy.  I wanted some comfortable walking shoes, and they filled the bill admirably.  They have trod the dust of the Roman ruins and stepped quietly through the marbled halls of the Vatican; they have strolled the grounds of Chichen Itza and walked boldly across the plaza facing Mount Rushmore.  Most importantly, they have accompanied me on my morning walks in New Albany, over snow and ice, through rain and muck, in frigid climes and baking summer heat, for years and years and years.

Now, however, they are starting to fail.  I’ve tried to ignore it, but the signs are there.  The toes are frayed, the heels and soles are worn down, and occasionally I feel telltale moisture indicating that they have sprung a leak.  Soon the shoes will need to be put in semi-retirement, perhaps to be worn only on dry, warm days, and then finally to be retired altogether.  It will be a sad day.

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