I Love My Peas


When we were young our mom always said eat your vegetables and I really enjoyed mine on Tuesday February 16 at Schottenstein Center for the Black Eyed Peas – The End Tour (end stands for Energy Never Dies). The band is made up of four individuals, Will.i.am, Taboo, Apl.de.ap and Fergie the lone female member. 

My friend Courtney (shown in between Taboo and Apl.de.ap) got us two VIP tickets to the concert and we had a blast. Courtney had seen the band a few days earlier with his family down in Tampa and they all enjoyed the show. I have to admit I really didn’t know much about the Peas, except for the fact that I saw them once on Oprah.

Our VIP ticket consisted of getting to the Schott by 4:30 p.m. to be escorted up to a room with a round bar that had a larger room attached. We were entitled to an open bar and a nice food spread while listening to tunes spun by Poet (he’s the d j that handles backup for the band while they are performing).

The pitch was that a member of the band would come and join our party which consists of approximately thirty males and females most whom were wearing black (glad I wore my black sweater and dark jeans). Much to our surprise, not only did one member show up, but the three male members of the band arrived on Segways. Will.i.am stayed just a brief time while the other two stayed long enough for pictures with anyone who wanted one.

We had to wonder how many were going to be there for the show as Columbus had a ton of snow the day before, but the place was packed and people stood up from beginning to end. I was surprised to find out that I already knew three of their songs, Let’s Get it Started, Boom Boom Pow and I Got a Feeling (check it out below)

So if your not eating enough vegetables and you get the chance I highly recommend going to see the peas because they were throughly entertaining. I will definitely go see them again, hopefully soon.

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