Down Low For The Big Ten Champs

Last night our friends, the Carpenters, invited us to join them for the Ohio State-Illinois game.   We had a fine time at a great game.  The seniors and their family members were recognized before the game, the student section was clad in “Club Tril” t-shirts and in full-throated glory, the Buckeyes pulled away for a victory, and in doing so the Buckeyes locked up at least a share of the Big Ten championship.

Evan Turner and David Lighty celebrate a Big Ten championship

The Carpenters have great seats, only two rows from the floor, and it gives you a difference perspective to watch the game in person from up close.  On TV, the players all look about the same size, and you lose perspective on just how big they really are.  When you watch a game from the down low vantage point, you can’t help but be impressed by the quickness and athleticism of the players and the physical nature of the game, with all of those big bodies pushing and leaning and hand-checking.

The Big Ten trophy above the celebration

At the end, the players celebrated, the students rushed onto the floor, and the fans cheered lustily.  Creative students had fashioned ersatz versions of the Big Ten championship trophy and the Player of the Year Trophy and chanted “One More Year!” in hopes of enticing Evan Turner to return for his senior year.  The players then had the chance to hoist the real Big Ten trophy and to look ahead to the Big Ten tournament and NCAA tournament contests to come.

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