Fallen ACORN

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — better known as ACORN — has agreed to give up its license to conduct business in Ohio and to not return to the state under another name.  The agreement was part of an otherwise confidential settlement that resolved a civil lawsuit brought by an Ohio group that contested ACORN’s voter registration practices.  The AP story on the deal is here.

ACORN’s spokesman, quoted in the linked article, downplays the significance of the agreement, saying that ACORN was winding up its operations in Ohio anyway and it therefore made no sense to spend money defending the lawsuit, which ACORN contends was baseless and brought merely for harassment purposes.  That may well be the case, but it raises the question of why ACORN would be winding up its operations in Ohio with some significant statewide elections fast approaching.  You would think that, given Ohio’s difficult economic and employment outlook, Ohio would now be fertile ground for ACORN’s advocacy.  The fact that ACORN is leaving the state, for whatever reason, says a lot about much the climate has changed since 2007 and 2008, when ACORN was flying high and community organizers were viewed with much more favor.

How far ACORN has fallen since those days!

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