No Whining Permitted!

Ohio State won the Big Ten Tournament today, beating Minnesota handily with a second-half blitz, and now the Buckeyes have been seeded second in the Midwest Region of the NCAA Tournament.  Already some Ohio State fans are complaining that the Buckeyes have been put into the toughest regional, that other teams have been given easier roads to the Final Four, and so forth.

I hate this kind of whining.  Enough already!  Take the bracket as it has been provided, play the team in front of you, and win, and soon the road to success will be apparent. There are lots of tough teams out there, and saying that you are playing the toughest is likely just to psych you out.

Fortunately, I don’t think the Ohio State coaching staff or players are much for whining.  They played tough, hard-nosed basketball in the Big Ten Tournament, and if they can keep that up in the NCAA Tournament, they will be just fine.  Their first game is Friday, against the Gauchos of U.C. Santa Barbara.

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