Scratching my Head

Okay, so last week President Obama signed the farthest reaching treaty to date with the Russians which cuts each country’s current long range nuclear weapons by 30%. It’s the first treaty that’s been signed with Russia on the nuclear front since 1993 and I read that our two prior president’s Clinton and Bush both tried to make headway on this issue, but were unable to do so.

To me this seems like a win – win situation for all included, the United States, Russia and the world, less nuclear weapons. I give the president high marks on what he is doing on the foreign policy front because he always seems to take a common sense approach, in this case lead by example and show other countries that we mean what we say. This treaty certainly can’t hurt as we try to get other countries on board in confronting the Iran nuclear situation.

So the signing of the treaty is a good thing right, of course not according to a Rasmussen poll taken recently. Only 30% of respondents felt that this was a good thing, 54% said that this was not a good thing and 16% said that they were not sure.

The secretary of defense, Robert Gates (who has served both Republican and Democrat presidents) and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton were both on Meet the Press last Sunday and said that the treaty was reviewed by the joint chiefs of staff and that the nuclear reduction defined in the treaty posed no threat to our country defending it’s self.

Come on, only 30% thought this was a good thing, who are these people being polled and what are they thinking ? Of course the proof will be in the pudding when it comes to radifying the treaty in Congress. So keep it up Mr President, I am hopeful as I am sure you are that there will be some bipartisan support on this issue, but we will have to wait and see.

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