Can’t They do the Right Thing ?

I am in total agreement with Bob’s blog. It IS too bad that the president or the government for that matter had to step in and get involved. In the past I was a big proponent for less government, however recent circumstances have caused me to reconsider my thinking because I am beginning to wonder if business will ever take the initiative and do the right thing.

It was fifty five years ago this past week, April 12, 1955 when Dr. Jonas Salk came up with a cure for a devastating disease called polio. His sole focus was to develop a safe and effective vaccine as rapidly as possible with NO interest in personal profit.

When asked in a televised interview (shown below) who owned the patent to the vaccine Salk replied “the people I say, there is no patent, could you patent the sun ? “. Somewhere between then and now doesn’t it say something unfortunate about America’s drug companies ? 

In the coming weeks there will be much debate on the financial reform issue. Once again it would be nice if the government didn’t have to give instructions to the financial industry, but just a short time after the bail out a year ago it was back to business as usual. In this short period of time doesn’t it say something unfortunate about the Wall Street investment firms ?

We’ve beaten a dead horse with the endless blogs on our site about healthcare reform. It’s too bad back in the 1994 when healthcare reform was defeated during the Clinton administration that the big insurance companies couldn’t have come together and found a way to offer coverage to the uninsured and at a reasonable price. So what has happened during that time is the number of unisured has gone from 37 million to 52 million. Doesn’t that say something unfortunate about our insurance companies ?

I’d love for the government not to have to get involved, but until business steps up and does the right thing we are likely to see more government involvement.

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