Something similar to… Alan Parsons Project

what’s up webner house. I know Dad will really enjoy this surprise early morning post. Anyways, I’m wrapping up the tail end of an all-nighter doing schoolwork and some painting. Recently I’ve come across I Robot by Alan Parsons Project and have really enjoyed listening to it while working. It’s an album that I’ve heard for the majority of my life, all the way back from the tape deck in Dad’s old brown Honda accord. Like most of The Beatles’ work, I can sing all the words to I Robot from memory without effort.
It was much to my pleasure to rediscover the narrative of a robot brought to life. I really dig the futuristic sound of the music (modern even by today’s standards) as well as the interspersing of vocals with longer more meditative instrumental sections. I know the album didnt come out in a vacuum and that there must be some similar work out there by other artists. Due to my disconnect from the 70s and its music, I cant really seem to find anything good myself. So, for whoever’s up to the challenge (and I’m sure Dad will have a few cooked up by early evening tonight) turn me on to some quality new music. ready set go

2 thoughts on “Something similar to… Alan Parsons Project

  1. If you want more stuff similar to the Alan Parsons Project, try … other stuff by the Alan Parsons Project. Cause their sound was unique. Some Pink Floyd stuff was similar because Parsons was their sound engineer but other than that, the Project sound is the Project sound far as I’ve been able to figure out. Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of the War of the Worlds is close I guess.


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