Please, Hit Him Again

Kish and I continue to watch Treme, the new HBO series on post-Katrina New Orleans.  We’re hoping to find something that grabs us.  So far, our overwhelming reaction is that virtually none of the characters is particularly likable, whether they are behaving irresponsibly, bloviating about how great New Orleans music and culture are supposed to be, or looking concerned about how their beloved city is responding to a colossal disaster.  I know we are supposed to be rooting for these folks, but it really isn’t easy.

The character we most despise is Davis McAlary, a shrimpy, soul-patched loser who can’t hold a job.  McAlary is an insufferable musical snob who thinks he is just about the coolest guy ever to pulse along with one of the music at one of the New Orleans parades that seem to occur every day.  In the most recent episode, McAlary unwisely used the “n” word in a bar and got a punch to the chops to commemorate his stupidity and cloddish insensitivity.  What does it say about a character when you wish he would have been decked again?  I don’t know if McAlary is supposed to be detestable, but if so Steve Zahn, who is playing him on the show, deserves an Emmy.

We’re sticking with Treme for now, but five episodes in I have to say it has been a disappointment.

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