Family Guy Sucks

After suffering for months, I feel compelled to state for the record:  Family Guy sucks!  I’ve watched the show for a number of years; it’s been on our auto-DVR list forever.  Now I am taking it off that list, because it is just unwatchable.

I’m not sure when Family Guy turned rancid.  Right now, however, it just seems like the show is just a lot of crappy anti-gay humor and gross-out activity, with very little creativity.  I couldn’t even finish the most recent episode I saw, which featured Brian and Stewie locked in a bank vault, Brian eating the poop from Stewie’s diaper, Brian eating Stewie’s vomit, the two of them getting drunk, etc.  Does anyone actually think this stuff is funny?  Do the writers’ meetings for this show just involve people trying to one-up each other in coming up with disgusting behavior?

I admit that I actually find some gross humor to be funny.  I thought the Family Guy episode where Brian, Stewie, Chris, and Peter drink ipecac and have a vomit contest was hysterical.  The tone of the show has changed for the worse since then, however; it is harsh, mean, and totally off-putting.  It’s time to send Family Guy to the glue factory.

2 thoughts on “Family Guy Sucks

  1. I am inclined to agree with your views on The Family Guy. I found nothing redeeming about the bank vault episode. Historically, they mix low-brow humor with content that pokes fun at social issues and that has made me a big fan in the past, but that particular episode didn’t even try to find or create something cerebral. Seth Green has done a Disney movie recently. Talk about having material to satirize and they haven’t even done that.


  2. Up until this week after the bank episode it has all pretty much sucked. American dad has not seemed to be bad until this week so I guess its one decent show or another we can’t have all of them to be at least decent anymore.


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