Jack Bauer Vs. The World (And Charles Logan)

I can’t resist posting a few words about last night’s episode of 24.  The episode featured a much-anticipated encounter of Jack Bauer and Charles Logan, and I have to say it was very satisfying.

We first got to see the smarmy Logan reveling in being acknowledged for his role in securing the peace agreement from hell, talking President Taylor into another titanically stupid decision, and then confidently assuring the Russkie ambassador that Jack Bauer posed no danger.  At that moment, he sees that traffic is stopped by a faceless man clad in black body armor wreaking havoc, realizes that Jack Bauer is coming for him, and sees that he is trapped.  Logan’s immediate freak-out in his presidential limo is one of the more believable depictions of abject terror I have seen on a TV show — kudos to Gregory Itzin — and he then gets gassed, further terrorized, and gut-punched before spilling the beans about his co-conspirators.  I think Logan is such a great character that I was even glad that Jack just put him a sleeper hold so that Jack could plant a hidden microphone in Logan’s collar and Logan’s no doubt gruesome death therefore could be plausibly postponed until the series finale.

The body count on 24 has jumped up impressively in the last few episodes, as Jack Bauer has become a completely bloodthirsty renegade who is perfectly willing to gun down innocent Secret Service agents and Russian diplomatic personnel alike.  No one seems to be safe from his killing rampage.  President Taylor, en garde!

Jack Bauer Vs. The World (And Charles Logan) (cont.)

Jack Bauer Vs. The World (And Charles Logan)

Go Bret Go

As this article points out Bret Michaels has made it to the finals of Celebrity Apprentice and will face off against Holly Robinson Peete.

I am very happy for a couple of reasons, first of all I drew his name in a pool and second of all I didn’t think he had much of a chance of making it to the finals when the show first started earlier this year.

He’s been very creative, a hard worker, gives credit where credit is due, asks for input from his fellow team members and stands by his decisions. It would be a huge upset if he ends up beating Holly, but both are playing for very worthwhile charities.

The picture above is from his earlier days as guitar player for the rock band Poison.

How Now Brown Cow ?

Well it’s spring time again and that means it is time to work on the old gutski that invariably seems to occur after another long and snowy winter in Ohio.

In my younger days I could eat and drink whatever I wanted to during the winter, however since turning fifty a few years ago looking good in my bathing suit takes alittle more work than it used to.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been drinking more chocolate milk as opposed to white milk and by doing so I seem to have more energy. Today I was quite pleased when I read this article that points out drinking chocolate milk is better for you than drinking white milk.

So next time your at the grocery store try some chocolate milk instead of white milk and see if it gives you more energy and makes you feel better.

Share The Road

Columbus is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to encouraging cycling.  The Share The Road Columbus program is designed to encourage cyclists and drivers to coexist in peaceful harmony, without injury or cursing.  The initial part of the program will focus on North High Street as it runs from Nationwide Boulevard at the north edge of downtown, past the Short North, the OSU campus area, and Clintonville up to Morse Road at the northern edge of the city.   According to Columbus Underground, the City is committed to spending $10 million to paint street markings, create signs, and put up bike racks to encourage cycling as an alternative mode of transportation.

I am all in favor of encouraging cycling, and I think the $10 million is money well spent.  Columbus already has a good network of bike paths that allow fitness-conscious commuters to ride their bikes from nearby suburbs like Grandview and Upper Arlington to downtown.  Richard has explored some of the bike paths, including one that runs alongside the Olentangy River.  Why not become even more of a bike-friendly city and encourage some exercise in the process?