Share The Road

Columbus is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to encouraging cycling.  The Share The Road Columbus program is designed to encourage cyclists and drivers to coexist in peaceful harmony, without injury or cursing.  The initial part of the program will focus on North High Street as it runs from Nationwide Boulevard at the north edge of downtown, past the Short North, the OSU campus area, and Clintonville up to Morse Road at the northern edge of the city.   According to Columbus Underground, the City is committed to spending $10 million to paint street markings, create signs, and put up bike racks to encourage cycling as an alternative mode of transportation.

I am all in favor of encouraging cycling, and I think the $10 million is money well spent.  Columbus already has a good network of bike paths that allow fitness-conscious commuters to ride their bikes from nearby suburbs like Grandview and Upper Arlington to downtown.  Richard has explored some of the bike paths, including one that runs alongside the Olentangy River.  Why not become even more of a bike-friendly city and encourage some exercise in the process?

3 thoughts on “Share The Road

  1. Good news from Columbus then. Of course the big test is whether we can come back in a few years and see some cyclists in normal clothing, those guys in the photo are equipped for the war zone.
    Have a look at the Copenhagen Cycle Chic website to see what I mean.
    Best wishes from Sheffield, UK


    • Thanks for that great insight Dan, what a civilised and generous person you must be.
      Sadly here in Britain we persist in unAmerican activities like using bicycles to go to work and to the shops. It’s clear that saving money and time as well as reducing pollution, congestion and danger to others are not sufficient reason to stop worshipping at the church of the automobile so good luck in your crusade.


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