Embracing Technology

I have to admit that each and every day I am simply amazed by the leaps and bounds technology is taking.

The other day a friend and I were watching the NBA playoffs and a commercial advertisement came on for the May release of a new video game called Red Dead Redemption.

I’m not a video game player and when I do play I am not very good, but we both commented as to how stunning and realistic video game graphics are becoming.

Just take a look at the movement of the horses in the video trailer below. We’ve come along way since the video game Pong came out in 1972. 

Last night a couple of my friends who both had Iphones decided to exchange contact information, so “bumping” their Iphones together they exchanged their personal information.   As this article mentions “Bump” was the one billionth Iphone application developed by a thirteen year old who won $10,000 dollars and several other items for his efforts. It’s almost hard to believe that a phone can have one billion applications !

Later in the evening I met another young girl who had an Iphone and I asked her to explain some of the applications she had on her phone to me. In a matter of seconds she took a picture of me that was converted into a cartoon drawing shown below and she sent it to my gmail address. As I said it took a matter of seconds and all I could say was “unbelievable”.

When you try to imagine what things are going to be like in twenty or thirty years it looks like the sky is the limit.

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