What’s Up With House?

Regular readers of this blog know that I don’t watch much TV, but I do watch House.  Monday’s episode was the finale for this season, and frankly I thought it kind of blew.

Here’s why:  it seemed incredibly contrived and incredibly inconsistent with the long-standing character traits of Dr. Gregory House and Lisa Cuddy. 

For those of you who missed the episode, here’s a synopsis.  The story begins when House gives Cuddy a book written by Cuddy’s grandfather as a present for her moving in with the private investigator.  She seems kind of weird about it and we later learn it is because she and the p.i. got engaged the night before, unbeknownst to House.  In the meantime, a huge crane accident has created a scene of bomb-like devastation in some nearby town.  Cuddy and House both go to the scene, House finds a woman underground whose leg is pinned under the wreckage, and he repeatedly crawls down to help her.  He encourages her to not allow her leg to be amputated.  Cuddy rips House for his advice and for continuing to be a sophomoric, self-centered jerk while she and Wilson are “moving on.”  House eventually changes his mind, spills his guts to the trapped woman, and convinces her to have her leg amputated so she can be freed from the wreckage as an emotional Cuddy looks on.  The trapped woman does so, but dies in the ambulance from some arbitrary post-amputation complication.  A distraught House yells at Foreman, then goes home and is ready to dip into some super-secret Vicodin stash when Cuddy shows up, says she’s broken off the engagement because she loves House, and they end up making out.

Huh?  How realistic is that plot?  Since when would Dr. Gregory House buy a thoughtful gift?

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