Tree Trouble

I had thought we escaped significant damage from the summer storm earlier this week, but I was wrong.

Today Russell casually mentioned that the tree next to our patio was splitting, and when I went out to look this afternoon I found that the tree has slowly split apart.  The crack is down to within two feet of the ground and seems to be moving ever downward as the tree is jostled by the wind.  Unfortunately, we will have to take the tree down — and quickly, before it falls on the house.  This means that both of the trees we planted around our patio have been split by storms and have had to be removed.

The loss of the tree will be a severe blow to our use of our patio.  It provides great shade, and without it in its accustomed position we will get hours of direct sunlight.  Kish is already pushing for an awning.  I don’t mind the direct sunlight, but I do like to sit outside on the sunny side of the patio and listen to the soothing sounds of the breeze gently ruffling the leaves of the tree.

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