The Grand Adventure Begins

Russell has left on this summer’s grand art/travel adventure.

He is starting his journey in San Francisco, Oakland, and the Bay area, where he is visiting friends.  In a day or so he will head down to southern California to hang with other friends and family.  Then, he will board a jet for a very long trip that will take him to Ho Chi Minh City after a brief stop in Taiwan.  Once he gets to Vietnam his itinerary will be largely dependent on his whim; he plans on going wherever his artistic muse and natural curiosity may take him.  Other likely destinations include Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, and the Mekong Delta region.

I have no doubt that Russell’s trip will be an enormously enriching experience for him — and I want to make it a positive experience for me, too.  I know very little about Vietnam; it is like a forbidden topic or an embarrassing family story that no one wants to think about.  It is time to change that, and therefore I plan on doing a bit of research and writing this summer on the country, its people, its culture, and its cities.

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