The Horror Of Vuvuzelas

I was out doing some errands on Saturday and listened to part of the World Cup game between the U.S. and England on the radio.  The broadcast seemed to feature the worst sound quality in the world — until I realized that people were intentionally making the infernal buzzing noise using a horn called a vuvuzela.  The noise made even listening to a radio broadcast intolerable; God knows how horrible it must have been listening to the piercing drone live in the stadium!  Now newspapers are running stories in which World Cup athletes and fans are calling for the horns to be banned.

I found myself wondering what would happen if sports fans brought vuvuzelas to, say, a Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers game.  I think it wouldn’t take long before the fans in question were headed to the nearest infirmary for an emergency vuvuzela-removal procedure.  World Cup fans must be pretty tolerant to put up with such a racket; I can’t imagine American football fans doing so.

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