Exposing The Illinois Way

The corruption trial of former Ilinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is red meat for political junkies and those who enjoy exposing the seamy side of politics.  It makes for good reading if you want to be disabused of naive thoughts about how our political processes often work.  John Kass’s column today discusses some of the details that are emerging.

It helps to remember that, for every altruistic do-gooder who goes into politics to save the world, there are many others who go into politics to line their pockets and the pockets of their friends.   Guess which category is more successful?


Redefining “Improving” (Cont.)

Unfortunately for us all, the bad news about the economy just keeps coming.  Today the Labor Department announced that new claims for unemployment benefits rose (as always, “unexpectedly”) to the highest level in a month.  472,000 new claims for unemployment benefits were filed last week.  The total number of people receiving benefits increased to 9.7 million.

Equally bad, the summer job market apparently is the worst it has been in decades.  As a result many American teenagers aren’t getting the opportunity to hold down a job, to learn the value of a dollar by earning their own spending money, and to develop good work habits and ethics.  That fact also is likely to cause long-term problems in our society.  Summer jobs are important learning experiences for new entrants to the work force; the new workers deal with their first boss, learn to get along with co-workers, and perhaps get a meaningful lesson or two in the school of hard knocks.  We should be as concerned about the lack of employment opportunities for young people as we are about any of our other economic problems.

Redefining “Improving” (Cont.)

Redefining “Improving” (Cont.)

Redefining “improving”