The Clock Is Ticking

As we suffer through the painful heat of a blistering July, thoughts naturally turn to . . . Ohio State football.  The Buckeyes’ fall football camp starts in a month or so, and the first game is September 2, against Marshall.  It’s been a tough, seemingly endless period of withdrawal from college football since the Rose Bowl triumph.

I’m just about ready to:

*  Start figuring out appropriate scarlet and gray ensembles that still fit my expanding girth

*  Begin watching the Big Ten Network again

*  Feel that growing tingle of happy anticipation as I tailgate in the parking lot at French Field House with a bunch of fired-up Buckeye fans

*  Snarf down a lukewarm hot dog as I head up the stairs to a seat in the closed end of the Stadium

*  Hear the drums begin to beat in the tunnel, signaling the start of TBDBITL’s ramp entrance

*  Join 105,000+ of my close friends in singing Carmen Ohio after another home Buckeye victory

The new college football season can’t get here soon enough!  Go Bucks!

The 1988 Honda Accord Was A Milepost Car

I enjoyed reading Richard’s post on my 1988 Honda Accord.

I loved that car.  Its paint color was “Harvest Gold” (I think) and it had headlights that flipped up and down when you turned them on, which I thought was cool even if no one else did.  It was a steady, if unspectacular, car that served our family reliably for many years. By the end of its long period of service it bore the marks of melted crayons, the lingering sour odor of spoiled milk, and other unmistakable signs that it had belonged to the Webner family and its two young and growing sons.

In addition to being a good car, the 1988 Honda Accord was a milepost vehicle for two reasons.  First and foremost, before I bought the Accord every car that I had ever owned was either a gift from my Ford dealer father or a used car.  The 1988 Accord was the first new car I ever bought.  With a job, a mortgage, and a new car, I felt like I had truly reached adulthood.  Kish and I bought the car on our own, without any help from parents, and I feel like we chose wisely.

Second, the Accord was an orders of magnitude improvement over its immediate predecessor.  The car I traded in for the Accord was a used green Ford LTD.  It was a roomy car, but it had one of those distressing quirks that plague certain cars.  It ran fine when you were on the road and moving, but when you were idling at a stoplight the LTD often would start knocking and sputtering and shaking.  Sometimes the engine cut out just as the light turned green, cars behind would start honking, and you would pray that the car would start again.  The dreaded shaking condition made my very brief commute a nerve-wracking experience as I gripped the wheel with white-knuckled intensity and tried to time my arrival at stoplights so that I never had to idle.  When I got the Accord and it ran like a well-made clock I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and the morning commute because a much more tolerable experience.