The Clock Is Ticking

As we suffer through the painful heat of a blistering July, thoughts naturally turn to . . . Ohio State football.  The Buckeyes’ fall football camp starts in a month or so, and the first game is September 2, against Marshall.  It’s been a tough, seemingly endless period of withdrawal from college football since the Rose Bowl triumph.

I’m just about ready to:

*  Start figuring out appropriate scarlet and gray ensembles that still fit my expanding girth

*  Begin watching the Big Ten Network again

*  Feel that growing tingle of happy anticipation as I tailgate in the parking lot at French Field House with a bunch of fired-up Buckeye fans

*  Snarf down a lukewarm hot dog as I head up the stairs to a seat in the closed end of the Stadium

*  Hear the drums begin to beat in the tunnel, signaling the start of TBDBITL’s ramp entrance

*  Join 105,000+ of my close friends in singing Carmen Ohio after another home Buckeye victory

The new college football season can’t get here soon enough!  Go Bucks!

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