Webner, Webner, Webner — 2010

The Crazy Cap Cruise, 2010

We had our Webner family retreat at Sawmill Creek Lodge in Huron, Ohio this weekend, and a good time was had by all.  Cards were played, Lake Erie perch was consumed, swimming suits got wet, and adult beverages were tipped back in good order.

As usual, a highlight was the cruise on Lake Erie courtesy of the Sawmill Creek Explorer.  This year, Cath called it the Crazy Cap Cruise and got everyone their own special outfit to wear, and the results appear above.  A motley collection of Webners, indeed!

Free And Public — Why Libraries Are Great

Now that we are back home, I want to say “thank you” to the friendly folks at the Leelanau Township Library in Northport, Michigan.

The Leelanau Public Library in Northport, Michigan

When Kish and I were up in Michigan we regularly used the Leelanau library wireless system to access the internet, review e-mail, and keep in touch with the outside world.  The library has four computer terminals as well as a big indoor table where a number of people can plug in their laptops and work.  Even better, the library has created an outdoor seating area where people with laptops can do the same — even when the library itself is closed.  Every day we visited the library it was busy with people using the internet access areas. The internet access areas were incredibly easy to use, open to anyone who appeared with their laptop, and free.

The Leelanau library, though small in size, is a powerful example of how libraries can make nice communities even more attractive.  Kish and I loved the Northport area, and the town’s excellent library was a big part of the reason why.