For Love Of The Browns

I’ve posted before about the Browns Backers — the fanatical network of diehard fans of the Cleveland Browns with outposts found coast to coast.  Last year, Russell, UJ, and I watched a game with the Westerville Browns Backers, and we had a wonderful time.

The Huron Browns Backers bus

When we were up north recently I happened to pass the Huron Browns Backer bus, which was parked in a lot adjacent to the Knucklehead saloon near the intersection of Route 2 and Rye Beach Road.  It is a most impressive piece of work.  Resplendent in the familiar team colors of orange and brown, the bus has been tricked out to look like a bloodthirsty dog from the front and is inscribed with the names of the Browns’ head coaches, favorite players, and the years when the Browns won the All-American Football Conference and the NFL championship.

The classic reflection of the world view of beaten down Browns fans, however, is found in the sign at the right rear of the bus.  It says the Browns will be Super Bowl champions “2 – – – ?”  In other words, the Huron Browns Backers are confidently predicting that the Browns will win the Super Bowl — not in the next year, the next decade, or even the next century, but sometime during the next millennium.  In view of Red Right 88, The Drive, and The Fumble, who can blame them for hedging their bets?

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