Street Food, Helping To Give Columbus That Big City Feel

Lately I’ve noticed a food cart stationed near the firm, at the corner of Gay and Third, around the lunch hour.  Called the “Foodie Cart,” it looks like it offers a great selection of interesting food — but so far I haven’t been able to sample any because it always seem to have a long line of customers.  Obviously, the Foodie Cart has fans, so their food must be good!  It turns out that there is an interesting story behind the food cart, too.

It is great to see a food cart doing so well in downtown Columbus.  If you are in most big cities, food carts are a fundamental part of the scene and help to create that big city feel.  They have been conspicuously absent in Columbus, so seeing a street cart is very welcome.  The fact that this particular cart can be found on our street, which has now become something of a downtown food corridor, is just an added bonus.

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