To Mosque or Not to Mosque


Last week Mayor Bloomberg gave what I thought was an excellent speech regarding the building of a mosque a few blocks from ground zero.

I happen to come down on the side of allowing the mosque to be built for all of the reasons that Mayor Bloomberg pointed out in his speech. We need to continue to uphold the fundamental rights and values that our country was founded upon. We need to allow for the freedom to practice religion and we need to continue to show tolerance and respect to minorities.

What we often forget is that the people who attacked us on 9/11 were Muslim extremists not your average muslim. I happen to be a Christian, but that doesn’t mean that I agree with many of the views or actions of Christian conservatives.

From what I have read the Imam behind the Muslim Community Center near ground zero has been attempting to offer a liberal interpretation of Islam and he argues that America is actually what an ideal Islamic society would look like because it is peaceful, tolerant and pluralistic.

If these are in fact the Imam’s views then shouldn’t we be encouraging his efforts as opposed to discouraging them ?

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