Scotch (Kept) On Ice

I’ve written before about the case of scotch found buried in the ice beneath a cabin set up during Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to the South Pole.  Now the crate of scotch is being thawed — ever so slowly — in New Zealand.

Apparently none of the scotch will be consumed, although distillers will get to examine samples to see if they can replicate the mixture from which the booze was made.  Mackinlay’s, the distillery that made the scotch, was long ago acquired by another distillery, and no one is quite sure about the original recipe for the scotch Shackleton took down to Antarctica.

I’m all in favor of preserving historical materials, but I think it would be appropriate to crack open just one of the 11 bottles in the crate, pour a round of drinks, and tip back a toast to Shackleton and his hardy band of adventurers.  After all, they thought enough of Mackinlay’s scotch to cart it thousands of miles and carefully store it for further consumption.  Why not at least use some of it as was intended?

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