Portion Control

Last night we went to dinner at Shish Kebab, a Turkish restaurant selected by Dr. Science.  It was a very nice place with good food, but the portions were enormous — too much, I think, for any person with a normal appetite to finish in one sitting.

This scenario has become all too common.  Has anyone else been troubled by the fact that dinners at too many American restaurants consist of large platters groaning with impossible amounts of food?  We aren’t all contestants in competitive eating contests, or NFL linemen chowing down after a hard-fought game.  Those of us who were raised to be members of the “clean plate club” when we were growing up face an impossible predicament when confronted with such dinners.  Either we clean our plate and depart waddling and uncomfortably glutted, or we leave a significant amount of food on the plate and have to deal with the voice of the inner Mom, reminding us of starving children in Asia, for the rest of the evening.

Why do American restaurants so often serve such knee-buckling amounts of food?  Do they believe that quantity wins out over quality?  Or, in this recessionary period, do they think that diners are looking to maximize the food bang for the food buck?

C’mon, restauranteurs of America!  Give us a break!  When so many Americans are battling weight issues, we need you to exercise a bit of portion control.  Serve reasonable amounts of well-cooked food for a reasonable price, and let us leave satisfied, but not full to bursting like Mr. Creosote of the Monty Python sketch.

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