Another Reason Not To Trust Stimulus Statistics (Cont.)

The AP does a critical analysis of Vice President Biden’s comments about the weatherization program funded with “stimulus” funds and concludes that the Veep failed to mention some pretty material points.  No surprise there.

The Obama Administration really should stop talking about the “stimulus” debacle before its loses all credibility.

Straight Talk From Everyman

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is an interesting political figure.  Elected last year, Christie looks like the guy next door rather than a carefully coiffed and presented candidate.  During  his time in office he has ruffled feathers, knocked the existing New Jersey political order askew, and somehow balanced the budget and righted the state’s listing financial ship.  In addition, Christie has a way of speaking that cuts through the political jargon.  It is a refreshing and welcome change from the normal guarded blather you hear from career politicians.

Recently New Jersey was eliminated from consideration for funding under the federal government’s “race to the top” education program because of an obvious clerical error.  Christie was asked whether he would fire the bureaucrat who made the mistake, and his response is a classic example of his straight talk approach.  We could use more of such candor and common sense, at all levels of government.