Mean Mean Pride


I saw RUSH in concert at Nationwide Arena on Sunday night and it was the best concert I have ever seen in person. I happened to see them years ago when I was younger, but I felt like this time around they were wayyyyyyy better. 

I loved the fact that they pretty much played all of their hit songs during the three hours they were on stage and really gave everyone their money’s worth. Looks like this Columbus Dispatch concert reviewer agreed with me.

Our seats at Nationwide Arena were in the first row of the upper deck straight back from the stage so we had full view of the amazing light show, shooting fire and fireworks. Of course it wouldn’t have been a concert if I didn’t have a rather rotund gentleman sitting next to me spill water on me.

Their second set started with Tom Sawyer and they followed that up with Limelight followed by all of the songs on their 1981 Moving Pictures album. The thing I always liked about RUSH was not only the beat, but the words to their songs.

Man oh man that Geddy Lee can still hit the high notes. Not to mention Alex Lifeson’s unbelievable guitar work and Neil Peart’s drum solo. The concert was well worth it and I highly recommend going to see RUSH if they are coming to an arena near you !

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