The Hurricanes Blow Into Town

A week from today the Ohio State Buckeyes will play the Miami Hurricanes at Ohio Stadium.  The game has a 3:30 kickoff, and I am sure that diehard fans of both the Buckeyes and the Hurricanes will be tailgating and getting ready starting early in the morning.

I’ll have more thoughts on the game itself, and on Russell’s and my wonderful experience watching the national championship game between Ohio State and Miami some years ago, in later posts.  For now, I just want to commend both Ohio State and Miami, and other BCS conference schools, for their increasing willingness to schedule tough out-of-conference games.  I assume that we have BCS computer ranking considerations to thank for this positive development, but it really does represent a fundamental change from how scheduling used to occur.  Gone (for good, we hope) are the days when the pre-conference schedule consisted of a bunch of patsies who would show up for a paycheck and willingly get pasted.  In recent years, Ohio State’s non-conference schedule has included the likes of Texas and USC, this year and next year the Buckeyes play Miami, and in future years they will play Colorado, Cal, Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma.  These obviously are fabulous games for Buckeye football fans.

Ohio State is not alone in this, obviously.  Other schools are taking similar approaches to scheduling, and it is making for some great games.  Today you have LSU and North Carolina and TCU and Oregon State; in days to come we will see Boise State and Virginia Tech and Penn State and Alabama, among others.  It is a wonderful time for college football fans!